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" Your questions are false if you already know the answer"

The E3 Group lets research and results guide the discussion of progress in education

- Jose Saramago

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What did they say?

Education has taken on a language of its own that can put distance between you and school.  We're assembling some resources to help decode the lingo.

At a Glance

River Forest D90 is well ahead of Oak Park's D97 in a turnover of curriculum and instruction associated with equity initiatives.  The D90 board described modeling change after Evanston and Oak Park is calling it Access 4All.  Years later we can ask if it moved the needle in Evanston's District K-8 65.

ETSH students not prepared for freshman year suffer when faced with detracking.


Did you know ~60% of 4th graders in the US fall below proficiency in reading?  Some experts have a hunch on why and it has to do with how its taught.  We found an excellent and brief contrast of Structured Literacy and Balanced Literacy approaches to teaching reading.   

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